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Start Your Own Backyard Vegetable Garden

There’s nothing quite like growing your own fresh produce; pick ripened vegetables and fruit that you’ve worked hard to nourish, and you’ll be hooked with this productive hobby. Even if you’ve never been much of a green thumb, creating your vegetable garden is easy enough for anyone to do and gives you more reasons to…

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8 Amazing DIY Projects for Your Home

Sometimes we get that creative spark as homeowners, and something kicks in where we want to weave some DIY magic around our property. Whether you’re embarking on an adventurous Sunday session or just want a craft project to keep you busy over time, here are some easy ways to jazz up your space yourself.  Transform…

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Easy Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Whether your home is focused on modern aesthetics or you like the Victorian-era feel, blinds are one of those decor staples that continue to be a crowd-favourite for interiors. From jazzing up rooms to just providing functionality, these products are something we see in houses of all kinds.  However, just like other furnishings, they’re also…

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How to create a usable winter backyard space

Does your backyard tend to turn into a sad, desolate place during the winter months? This can certainly be helped – no matter what your budget is. The simple ideas listed below will help you put some life back into your backyard so you can start enjoying it again straight away. Cover it up To…

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9 reasons why cafe blinds are a good investment for your business

Despite their name, cafe blinds are not only great for the cafes and restaurants. Any business that has an outdoor area that needs to be shielded from the weather extremes can benefit from these versatile blinds. Below are some reasons why investing in cafe blinds makes perfect sense for business owners. Instantly increase your usable…

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Benefits of PVC Outdoor Blinds

As more and more of us get the taste for enjoying alfresco entertainment all year round, PVC outdoor blinds become increasingly popular with homeowners. It’s quite easy to see why – they keep the elements out while allowing natural light to flow, helping create sheltered and cosy outdoor environments during the colder months. But what…

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Tips to make your outdoor blinds last longer

Guide Chain Blinds for Verandah

Quality outdoor blinds can be a great addition to your home, providing many benefits – from creating a nice ambient atmosphere all year round to keeping your electricity costs down. However, your outdoor blinds need to be properly maintained so they can operate efficiently throughout their life span. Keep your blinds down as much as…

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Veggies to grow this autumn

Autumn is one of the best times of the year for growing healthy nutritious greens as well as a host of other veggies. What’s more, the veggies you can plant now in time for late autumn/winter harvest are perfect for adding to hearty winter meals that warm the soul and delight the senses.  Be sure…

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Autumn gardening jobs to take care of before winter

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to clean up the garden and prepare it for the cooler months ahead. The weather is still fine enough to get into the garden and complete any unfinished jobs as well as clear up any mess.  Take care of these autumn gardening jobs before the…

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