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Australia's Leading Supplier of Outdoor Blinds

Slidetrack is Australia’s go-to outdoor blinds provider. We have designed our own patented solution that continues to be installed in new builds and renovations across the country. Our high grade, durable outdoor blind systems are made from top quality Australian-sourced components and materials. 

Slidetrack offers the choice of manually-operated blinds with a cutting-edge locking mechanism (with multiple heights available) or solar-powered blinds with hard-wired motors. We even provide multiple pelmet options to produce a highly protected and stylish head-box solution.


Transform Your Patio, Verandah or Outdoor Living with Slidetrack Outdoor Blinds

Slidetrack is renowned nationwide for producing high-grade outdoor blinds that protect the home from the elements. Forget about problems caused by rain, hail, wind or dusty debris - Slidetrack’s solutions are made to offer your home an added protective barrier. Our blinds are so easily operated that it will take you mere moments to implement them in a wild weather event.

What’s more, our blinds are perfect for enjoying on hot summer days, with 85%, 94% and 99% blockout fabrics ensuring you can enjoy your patio or verandah even on the year’s nastier days. We make our blinds in as little as 3-5 days, meaning you can quickly have them installed and start enjoying their awesome benefits right when you need them.


We Are The Outdoor Alfresco Blind Artisans

Our cafe blinds ensure your customers will be highly protected from the sun. There is nothing worse than thinking you’re going out for a nice meal only to be shafted in the uncovered outdoor seating - your customers don’t want this and neither does your business! Our blinds are perfect for all outdoor dining areas and can be specially designed to meet your space’s configurations. 

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Fully Restrained in Tracks

sun protection and shading-icon

Sun Protection and Shading

breeze control2-icon1

Breeze Control



consistent build quality-icon

Consistent Build Quality

Bug and Pest Barrier

Bug and Pest Barrier

wide range of colour choices-icon

Wide Range of Colour Choices

85%, 94% and 95% block out fabrics and pvc-1icon

85%,94% & 95% Block Out Fabrics

patent protected-icon1

Design and Patent Protected

Clear and Tinted PVC

Clear and Tinted PVC available


Outdoor Blinds Manufactured in Adelaide & Brisbane - sent across Oz

Our high-quality outdoor patio and alfresco blinds are manufactured with state of the art technology in Adelaide & Brisbane. We proudly send our patented designs across Australia, ready to be installed at your home, business or elsewhere. Call today to receive a free quote and find out more about how our stunning blinds can invigorate your space whilst making it safe and comfortable.

Our outdoor patio blinds are custom-made in Adelaide to suit your needs and are available for distribution to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the rest of Australia. Request a free quote for Slidetrack outdoor blinds today!



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