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Benefits of PVC Outdoor Blinds

As more and more of us get the taste for enjoying alfresco entertainment all year round, PVC outdoor blinds become increasingly popular with homeowners. It’s quite easy to see why – they keep the elements out while allowing natural light to flow, helping create sheltered and cosy outdoor environments during the colder months. But what are the more specific benefits of using the outdoor blinds made of PVC compared to the blinds produced using other materials?

PVC blinds protect you from the elements while still letting the light and warmth in

Blinds made from various materials can effectively protect you from the elements – but blinds made of PVC are preferable if you are looking to let the sun and natural light flow in. This can be particularly useful if you have an outside area that catches some winter sun – but needs protection from wind and rain. In this case, installing PVC blinds may be a low budget solution that has the potential to completely transform your verandah, deck, or patio.

PVC blinds are amazingly hardy and durable

The material that PVC blinds are made of – Polyvinyl Chloride – makes them resistant to heat and fire. So, you don’t need to be concerned about the sun damage to your blinds, as well as about the heat coming from your barbeque! This explains why PVC blinds are used a lot in alfresco designs.

PVC blinds are easy to clean

Dust and dirt particles will inevitably accumulate on your PVC blinds – not only through the natural processes but also because of being attracted by the static electricity of the blinds. Fortunately, PVC blinds are quite easy to clean. Hosing them with water will get some of the dirt off, and specially formulated blind cleaning solutions can take care of the rest. Best PVC blind cleaning solutions also contain mould inhibiting agents – which is particularly useful if you live in a high humidity area.

PVC blinds offer a great return on investment

Unlike adding a pergola or verandah to your house, installing PVC outdoor blinds is not a major investment. Yet, if done properly, it can more than pay for itself – both in terms of increasing the value of your house and improving your quality of life.  These easy-to-use, versatile blinds can be rolled and unrolled in seconds, yet have the potential to instantly transform a draughty, unwelcoming patio into an alfresco dining area and your family’s new favourite hangout spot.

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