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How to create a usable winter backyard space

Does your backyard tend to turn into a sad, desolate place during the winter months? This can certainly be helped – no matter what your budget is. The simple ideas listed below will help you put some life back into your backyard so you can start enjoying it again straight away.

Cover it up

To enjoy your backyard during the wet winter months, you need some sort of a cover. Today, there is a huge variety of options for that. Some people are content with a simple pergola that will just keep the rain off their barbie. Others dream about replicating the look and feel of the home magazine covers – the timber decking verandah, nice outdoor furniture, lots of cushions and all. No matter what camp you are in – you need to shelter yourself from the elements before you can start enjoying your backyard in winter.

Heat it up

While it’s more true for some states of Australia than for others – the days (and especially the nights) generally tend to get colder in winter. Consider getting a reliable and aesthetically pleasing patio heater for your outdoor space (you might even need a few of them for a large verandah).

Keep the warmth in

So, you’ve got your backyard heaters – but how do you make the most of the precious heat they generate? One of the easiest solutions is to install some clear transparent PVC outdoor blinds. They will keep the heat from escaping – and, conveniently, they are also heat- and fire-resistant! 

Light it up

Assess your light situation and be honest with yourself – do your backyard lights need an update? Do you know what kind of lighting would be cosy and inviting enough for you to enjoy spending your time there? There are endless backyard lighting ideas available on Instagram and Pinterest, so you are sure to find some options that’ll be just right for you.

Cosy it up

Make your backyard into a space you’ll actually want to use during winter. There is an amazing selection of outdoor furniture of virtually any style on offer these days. You might want to do a bit of research though to make sure that the materials used for your outdoor furniture can withstand the climate conditions of your area (like exceptionally high humidity levels etc.).

Spice it up

Last but not least: make it uniquely your space. Is there something you have always wanted to have in your backyard? Maybe a pizza oven? That extra-cosy hanging egg chair for reading? A spa? Pick one item from your backyard wish list that you can afford – and go for it!

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