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9 reasons why cafe blinds are a good investment for your business

Despite their name, cafe blinds are not only great for the cafes and restaurants. Any business that has an outdoor area that needs to be shielded from the weather extremes can benefit from these versatile blinds. Below are some reasons why investing in cafe blinds makes perfect sense for business owners.

Instantly increase your usable space

If you are in the catering or entertainment business, you know how expensive the floor space might be – and how crucial it is that it is used efficiently. No business owner wants to waste any of this precious commodity – and definitely not because of the weather! With cafe blinds, you can be confident that your customers won’t run away at the first drops of rain or an occasional gust of wind. Most importantly, having blinds in place to keep your customers comfortable shows them that you really care about their dining experience, increasing the chances of them becoming regulars.

Keep the elements away

Cafe blinds do an excellent job of protecting your customers from sudden weather changes. They will also keep the sun away in summer, and help you conserve some warmth and shield your customers from wind in winter. They can be really helpful during rainy weather, too. Different materials for outdoor blinds are available depending on what your main purpose of using them is. For example, canvas blinds might be best for keeping the sun away. And if you run a windy seaside cafe, you might want to go for clear outdoor blinds made of PVC.

Protect your outdoor furniture

Cafes and restaurants tend to pay close attention when choosing their furniture – it has to be hardy and durable yet look inviting. However, outdoor furniture is particularly hard to maintain looking like new. After you install cafe blinds, you can instantly feel more confident about your furniture being protected from sun, rain, and wind damage.

Keep it unobtrusive

Another great feature of cafe blinds is that they are only minimally visually intrusive, so they won’t ruin the unique atmosphere of your restaurant – and your customers’ experience. In fact, they might even enhance it – as most customers will appreciate being able to still enjoy some sun on a cold winter day without freezing in the wind or being able to continue dining outside despite the rain. And you always have an option to use transparent PVC blinds – so, if your diners come to your restaurant to enjoy sweeping views from the balcony, they won’t be disappointed.

Strong and durable

Quality cafe blinds are really made to last. With proper care, decent blinds will easily serve you for over a decade! Out of all the elements, it’s the harsh Australian sun that usually does most of the damage to the blinds – so, the sunnier the area, the shorter the lifespan of your blinds is usually expected to be.

Easy to use and maintain

Using your cafe blinds can be as simple as manually rolling and unrolling them – or you can put more sophisticated automated mechanisms in place. In any case, operating them is super-easy. Their care and maintenance involve regular cleaning and making sure that blinds are rolled up whenever strong winds are expected. At the same time, the best thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your blinds is to actually keep them unrolled and extended whenever practical. Also, you should avoid rolling your cafe blinds up when wet – not only to prevent mold problems but, more importantly, to avoid serious sun damage to your blinds.


Even if you choose to go for top quality blinds, investing in them usually pays off pretty quickly. The increase in usable floor space together with reduction in heating and cooling expenses make cafe blinds quite cost efficient. Add to that reduced wear and tear of your outdoor furniture and increased customer satisfaction – and you can easily see why most business owners consider cafe blinds a worthy investment.

Come in different styles and materials

These days, cafe blinds come in a huge variety of styles and colours. You can select from a multitude of options – from clear and fully transparent to tinted to colourful – to make sure that your blinds are not only well suited for the purpose but fit your overall decor theme nicely. Most reputable blind producers will happily accommodate any requests for customisation of their blinds design and should be able to recommend the best materials for your needs.

Provide an extra branding opportunity

No sensible business owner ever foregoes a branding opportunity. Cafe blinds can be easily customised with your logo, which helps to make sure that your business stays memorable and easily recognisable to your current and potential customers

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