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What Are the Benefits of Installing Outdoor Blinds in Your Home?

Outdoor Blinds

If you want your outdoor area to provide you with enjoyment all year round, you need to protect it from weather events and harmful elements. Installing outdoor blinds is an effective and helpful way to provide this coverage, especially to your exteriors. But beyond these basic advantages, these nifty innovations can offer so many other…

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The Best Way to Paint Countertops to Look Like Marble

Kitchen Countertops

Any kitchen can look luxurious with the added touch of stunning marble countertops. Thanks to its timeless and classic design, it can be applied to different themes, seamlessly blending into various interiors. Even if marble isn’t in your budget, you can still achieve the look and feel without compromise. For example, laminate countertops can be…

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The Top Home Renovation Trends of 2021

Home Renovation Ideas

Throughout 2020 and 2021, a majority of us were left to our own devices at home, with not a lot of indication on when we’d be able to explore the Great Outdoors again. Because of this change in our everyday living, we naturally found ourselves looking for ways to refresh our spaces and enjoy some…

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How To Design The Perfect Pool Area This Summer

Home Swimming Pool

When it comes to designing a pool area that is both practical and stylish, it pays to have some simple, easy-to-replicate ideas on hand. And because we are so inspired by home improvement trends, we’ve put together some of our favourite ways to turn your pool area into a landscape even resorts will envy. Or…

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Top home maintenance tips: Put an end to weekend chores

Home Maintenance

Getting things done around the house always feels like a chore, especially when they add up over time. All of a sudden, you’ve thrown all those nagging tasks into the “too hard basket” and you’re stuck with an endless list of things to do. To avoid spending your weekend fixing up things across your property,…

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DIY lockdown home improvement projects for spring

Home Improvement

Idea #1: Give your front entrance makeover Your front door and entranceway is the first thing people see when they step inside your home. It’s also the last thing you see when you leave it, so tying everything together is important for seamless aesthetics. If you’ve got an old or tired-looking entryway that needs sprucing…

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The easy way to makeover your office

Home Office

When was the last time you gave your business a bit of a makeover? Was it somewhere along the timeline of ’90s double denim? If so, it’s most likely time to pull up your sleeves and breathe new air into your environment, readying up for more clients and visitors for the future. This article discusses…

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The best smart home gadgets you need in 2021

Amazon Alexa

If you struggle to maximise productivity everyday or get that motivation pumping, smart home technologies are easily changing the way we lead our lifestyles, no matter the task we’re completing. These nifty gadgets can help automate everything from scheduling to cleaning, providing protection and entertainment and more. Speed up your at-home efficiency or make things…

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4 ways to use outdoor blinds to upgrade your backyard

If you tend to think of backyard upgrades as major projects like adding a verandah or putting up a pergola, you might be surprised by just how much impact something as relatively minor as installing outdoor blinds can have. If you’ve spotted an area in your backyard that would benefit from the addition of some…

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How to prepare your home for guests

Slidetrack blinds are designed for sociability. Whether in summer or winter, our cutting-edge solutions ensure that you have a comfortable space to enjoy regardless of the weather. If you’re considering installing Slidetrack blinds at your home, chances are you’re looking to produce a warm and welcoming space to host friends and family. But hosting guests…

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