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The best smart home gadgets you need in 2021

Amazon Alexa

If you struggle to maximise productivity everyday or get that motivation pumping, smart home technologies are easily changing the way we lead our lifestyles, no matter the task we’re completing. These nifty gadgets can help automate everything from scheduling to cleaning, providing protection and entertainment and more.

Speed up your at-home efficiency or make things even easier to do with this list of the best smart home devices on the market.

Know who’s at your door with smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are not an entirely new concept, given they’re based on existing security systems. However, these nifty devices have been updated for a modern lifestyle by adding motion detection, video recording and voice control features. They also come in various designs, so there’s one to suit every style, and they can stream live data straight back to your smartphone or tablet. Now you can avoid that salesman with ease.

Slash costs on heating bills with smart thermostats

When you’re prone to popping on the heater or air conditioner instead of changing your clothing options around, smart thermostats are your best friend. They will cut your electricity consumption right down and save you money too. You’ll be able to set schedules when it’s time to turn off specific appliances, adjust temperature settings and more. And if you need some extra assistance, you can even connect them to solutions like Alexa or Google Assistant as well.

Know you’re always safe with smart smoke detectors

You no longer have to channel your inner Phoebe off F.R.I.E.N.D.S to stop the smoke detector from incessantly beeping (YouTube this scene for a laugh). Smart smoke detectors help you out by alerting you via text message or email when something is detected.

This means you don’t have to worry about missing out on important alerts due to running around with other errands or if you’re away from your home altogether. Plus, you won’t miss any alarms either – just check your phone later.

The household essential – smart speakers

This one’s already a household staple in most Aussie homes, but if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, now’s the time. From Amazon’s Alexa to Google Home and more, the smart speaker is here to stay. They allow users to ask questions, play music, order groceries and much more – all through their own voices. There’s nothing quite like having all your favourite tunes playing without lifting a finger…or just telling Google to shut off the darn lights.

Smart lighting for easy in-home discos

Okay, maybe not discos, but speaking of smart lighting, these solutions are picking up pace across Australian homes – and for a good reason. These super-handy solutions deliver your home added convenience, safety and energy savings you’ll be sure to welcome. Create different moods for various moments in your day – such as relaxing after work or brightening up during dinner time – and enjoy the limitless possibilities.

Best of all, you can pair this technology with the use of your outdoor roller blinds, so you can create the ideal atmosphere for specific purposes – perfect for entertaining.

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