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How To Design The Perfect Pool Area This Summer

Home Swimming Pool

When it comes to designing a pool area that is both practical and stylish, it pays to have some simple, easy-to-replicate ideas on hand. And because we are so inspired by home improvement trends, we’ve put together some of our favourite ways to turn your pool area into a landscape even resorts will envy. Or at least the neighbours.

First thing’s first though, the secret to designing a pool area that works for your household comes down to ensuring it looks the part and is still practical at the same time. Consider the look and feel you’re aiming for, while ticking off all the boxes you need to in terms of functionality. At the end of the day, your pool should be convenient, enjoyable and a much-loved investment.

Whether you use this area of your home as a way to sit back and relax with a cocktail by the poolside, or as a fun-filled afternoon splash with the kids – the best times are waiting to be had with our tips.

1. Determine the best size

If you design a pool area, you need to consider how much space your design requires around the surroundings. For this, you’ll also need to check our local council regulations, as well as fencing laws and requirements.

Additionally, consider whether you’ll include furniture – like pool lounges – or just the bare necessities; sometimes less is more.

You’ll also need to think about whether you’ll need to install special surfacing to prevent your lawn from getting damaged by chlorine or saltwater. This is where a wider margin will need to be stuck to, so specifications are hugely important.

2. Examining paving options

When you’re thinking about your pool landscaping, keep in mind that you may be able to use the same paving stones you used elsewhere in your yard, creating a seamless look.

Whatever pool surfacing option you choose, the location of the pavers requires you to pay attention to their individual slipperiness.

And if you’re after a pro tip to make your paving look trendy, “flipping” them so they are not, all the same, creates a unique pattern that’s easy and simple to do. It’ll also add interest and variety to your outdoor living space if you’re after something more contemporary.

3 Factor in heat underfoot

While the style of your pool surroundings is worth considering, even more important is the durability of the surface you include in the first place. For example, these pavers need to withstand the elements for as long as possible and minimise risk.

If you live in a region with hot temperatures, it’s always a good idea to select light-coloured pavers, as they reflect heat back into the earth, keeping your feet safe from the red-hot stone.

4. Install a pergola or patio

An outdoor pergola or patio – even a gazebo – will add welcome shade for outdoor furniture by the pool. They’re even better for hosting a night-time soiree by the water.

We also recommend installing outdoor blinds to your pergola or patio, allowing you to get maximum enjoyment out of your overall area. When the sun’s beating down or you just want to laze around without those annoying rays, they’re a godsend.

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