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The easy way to makeover your office

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When was the last time you gave your business a bit of a makeover? Was it somewhere along the timeline of ’90s double denim? If so, it’s most likely time to pull up your sleeves and breathe new air into your environment, readying up for more clients and visitors for the future. This article discusses some easy ways you can restyle your office without spending a fortune.

Throw away clutter

This is step number one for a reason. Too much clutter in your space makes things look untidy and out of control – something you really don’t want to portray to your prospects. So get rid of all those old files, stacks of papers, boxes full of junk mail and start fresh!. You’ll feel like a million bucks when you walk through your door again, and so will your visitors.

Personalisation matters

People want to do business with those that seem down to earth. Luckily you can create this sense with some simple personalisation here and there around your workspace. Add pictures or artwork on your walls and show off the people behind your brand. You’ll be surprised how far this goes with establishing a sense of trust with your prospects.

Lighting is key

Make sure you have the appropriate amount of lighting for your office – nothing too over the top but nothing leaving your visitors in the dark, either. Smart lights are great for this, so you can keep tabs on how your space looks at all times, all from your phone. Additionally, installing blinds can help shut out or filter light as needed, giving you plenty of flexibility.

Double-check your flooring

If your floor still looks like it’s straight out of The Backstreet Boys era, that’s a red flag. Tear up your old carpet or lack-lustre timber panels and invest in some new surfacing. This may just be necessary at some point in time, especially if your business has seen a lot of foot traffic over the years.

Go green

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run; being environmentally conscious should always come as a top priority, especially in this day and age. Investing in energy-efficient equipment and materials is an investment in both your bottom line and your reputation- i.e. your customers will embrace a brand that cares about the world around them.

Decorate for the right reasons

Lastly, make sure that the way you choose to decorate motivates your team and inspires your staff to do their jobs comfortably and proactively. Additionally, you want visitors to feel at home in your space, so ensure all of your elements tie together to portray a professional, trusting image with your brand.

Reinvigorating your workspace doesn’t have to cost the world, and with these tips, you’re well on your way. Just get planning, prepping and away you go.

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