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Pergola maintenance 101

Installing a garden pergola is no easy task. There’s plenty to do and plenty to consider, from the initial design all the way through to the finer details. Once you have completed your pergola, you’re going to want to enjoy it for a long time, right?

However, many homeowners don’t maintain the outside of their home as well as they do the inside, and this can often cause big problems for structures like a pergola. To ensure that you don’t allow your pergola to slowly wear and tear once you have built it, we have put together this list of maintenance tips.

Here are the best ways to ensure your pergola stays well-maintained over the summers. 

Regularly clean the frame

Australia’s weather throws up all kinds of extremes. Therefore, it is only natural that despite the quality of materials used in building pergolas, there will eventually be a build up of dirt, durst and debris. Whenever you work towards maintaining your pergola, you have to ensure that you fully scrub and wash the frame so that all that unwanted debris can’t add to the decay of the structure. 

You don’t have to purchase any outrageous cleaners to wash a pergola, just some soap that can strip the frame of all that unwanted debris. It’s actually a better idea to use a milder soap so that you don’t damage any finishes on the structure.

If you choose to use a brush to wash the structure, ensure that it is one that has light bristles that won’t damage the framework. This will be enough to wash and clean the structure without damaging it.  

Clean your cooking areas on the regular

A BBQ or outdoor kitchen is the best way to get friends and family together in the warmer months. It’s even better when situated within the style and comfort of an outdoor pergola. However, it is vital that you keep these spaces clean and in a sanitary state. It will make all cooking down the track easier as well as maintain the quality of the cooking appliances. 

To clean your BBQ, use a high quality grease-cleaning product, as well as a metallic bristled brush and a bit of strength. BBQs can be a real pain to clean, but these three elements will make it much easier for you. Keep scrubbing until the BBQ is clean and spotless.

It’s also vital for you to keep the BBQ extra clean as burnt food and debris can become toxic over time. You don’t want this added to your next BBQ. You can use the same cleaner to remove any burnt bits of old food scraps, and this will ensure that your BBQ is clean and ready to be used next time you head outside for a barbie.

Finally, clean the whole area with a sanitising product, as this will keep the space fresh. Use warm water and an abrasive sponge to wipe down any bench space so that it is ready for next time you cook there.

Keep the plants trimmed

People often like to add greenery to their pergola to give it an added touch of class. This includes plants like climbing vines which nicely adorn the pergola’s outside entrances. But you have to be aware that at some stage these vines will grow and start to thicken, and this can become a big pain if allowed to get too prominent. You have to ensure that you keep your vines nice and trimmed so that they don’t take over the whole space!

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