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How to maintain your artificial grass

Artificial grass requires very little maintenance as opposed to its natural counterpart. In fact, you don’t have to do too much at all to ensure your grass is clean and fresh throughout the year. This being said, there are a handful of things you can do to ensure it is always looking nice and well kept.

This includes:

  1. Not using abrasive chemicals to clean it.
  2. Using the right equipment when cleaning the grass.
  3. Wash away any unwanted debris.
  4. Remove unwanted stains. 

Here is how to go about maintaining your artificial grass.

Do not use abrasive chemicals on the turf

Many corrosive cleaners and chemicals should always be kept away from the lawn as if they are used on the turf they will potentially cause irreversible damage there. Organic materials, including food from bird feeders, animal droppings and dead bugs can also break down and create troublesome chemicals for the turf. Ensure they are always cleaned away when you notice them.

Keep the right cleaning materials handy

The great thing about cleaning artificial grass is that you don’t need the world’s best cleaning products to maintain the grass – you also don’t need the most state of the art equipment either. Simply keeping a hose, rake and leaf-blower handy will be enough to keep your artificial turf looking fresh and clean throughout the year. 

Keep the debris clear

If your region doesn’t experience enough rainfall or is simply a dry area, you might want to rinse down the grass to remove the unwanted debris that the lack of rain will not. Leaves and pollen tend to harden, so it is important to keep them away from the artificial grass. Simply using water should be enough to keep away unwanted debris. Ensure you allow the grass to dry out and let family/friends know when it is wet.

Remove unwanted stains

It’s only natural that your outdoor turf will incur a stain or two at some stage – it is what you do about it that really counts. It’s important to clean it up as soon as possible so that it doesn’t set. Once again, you really only have to use a hose so that you don’t damage the turf in the way that harsh chemicals might. 

Synthetic fibres used to make artificial grass are highly resistant to stains, but you will still want to get around to hosing them off when you can.

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