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8 Amazing DIY Projects for Your Home

Sometimes we get that creative spark as homeowners, and something kicks in where we want to weave some DIY magic ...
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Easy Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Whether your home is focused on modern aesthetics or you like the Victorian-era feel, blinds are one of those decor ...
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How to create a usable winter backyard space

Does your backyard tend to turn into a sad, desolate place during the winter months? This can certainly be helped ...
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9 reasons why cafe blinds are a good investment for your business

Despite their name, cafe blinds are not only great for the cafes and restaurants. Any business that has an outdoor ...
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Benefits of PVC Outdoor Blinds

As more and more of us get the taste for enjoying alfresco entertainment all year round, PVC outdoor blinds become ...
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4 ways to use outdoor blinds to upgrade your backyard

If you tend to think of backyard upgrades as major projects like adding a verandah or putting up a pergola, ...
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Guide Chain Blinds for Verandah

Tips to make your outdoor blinds last longer

Quality outdoor blinds can be a great addition to your home, providing many benefits – from creating a nice ambient ...
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Veggies to grow this autumn

Autumn is one of the best times of the year for growing healthy nutritious greens as well as a host ...
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Autumn gardening jobs to take care of before winter

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to clean up the garden and prepare it for the ...
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How to make your home dog-friendly

First time buying a furry little friend to keep you and your family company? Well, that’s very exciting. We here ...
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