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How to comfortably entertain outdoors in the cooler months

Winter’s chill seems to creep up out of nowhere in Australia’s cooler regions. One day you’re outside enjoying the best that the Aussie weather can offer, the next you’re inside huddled under the doona.  For natural entertainers, this can be a real nuisance. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure you…
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How to protect your outdoor furniture throughout the wetter seasons

Slidetrack, as experts in outdoor leisure, understand that when the wetter seasons set in it can be hard to keep your furniture clean. Rain, dirt and debris all come around to attack your well-designed entertainment space, wreaking special havoc on your furniture. There are a few ways to combat this climatic calamity. Check out the…
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Do outdoor blinds keep in heat in winter?

Slidetrack Blinds are renowned for their ability to facilitate heat during the frightful months of the year. Especially useful in the southern states, where winter cold can chill you to the bone, our outdoor blinds provide a stylish and functional place to enjoy the outdoors even when the weather won’t permit it. Allow the Slidetrack…
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How to clean your outdoor blinds

Slidetrack outdoor blinds are renowned for their unrivalled quality and ease of operation. The unique engineering and intricate functions make our blinds a standard for quality and sophistication.  But like all quality products, they require occasional maintenance to continue providing you and your loved ones with year-round protection from Australia’s unpredictable climatic shifts. Here’s how…
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