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Outdoor hacks for enjoying your garden with the kids

We’re about halfway through the Aussie summer, but you know that means plenty of time is remaining to enjoy the summer sun outside with the little ones. We know that entertaining kids over the school holidays can be difficult – but it really doesn’t have to be. 

Here are some outdoors hacks you can do at home to make hanging with the kids easy in the summer period. 

Build a backyard sandpit

If you have fond memories of playing in the sandpit as a kid then there is a good chance your kids will, too! There are plenty of methods for building a sandpit in your garden. Many people don’t have the time or handy skills to build their own sandpits, so luckily you can buy pre-made ones from your local hardware store. 

Pool parties are always fun

If your home has a pool, why not get your kids’ friends around for a pool party? Kids love having fun in the water, especially when the summer sun is almost too unbearable without having a dip, and it’s a great way to tire your own kids out so that they’re not too restless come evening time! Just make sure you follow the necessary safety advice for looking after kids around water and you’ll be throwing an awesome pool party for your kids and their mates. 

Build a chalkboard wall

One of the funnest, easiest ways to entertain youngsters in summer is to build an outdoor chalkboard wall. They’ll have an awesome time drawing on the wall and it will keep them occupied for hours on end. What’s more, chalkboard walls can be pretty easy to install and uninstall once the kids start to get a bit old for chalkboard drawing (who knows, perhaps the artistic introduction will make your kids budding little Picassos?). 

Need help building your garden oasis?

The Slidetrack team are experts in producing stunning, comfortable outdoor areas. Our state of the art outdoor blinds create the perfect entertainer’s space for you and the family to enjoy not only in the summer months but throughout the year as well.

To find out more about our cutting-edge outdoor blinds designs, simply get in contact with our friendly team and we will assist you with your enquiries regarding how we can help turn your backyard into a family fun haven. 

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