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How to make your home dog-friendly

First time buying a furry little friend to keep you and your family company? Well, that’s very exciting. We here at Slidetrack love our dogs like everyone else, and we’re here to help you ensure your backyard is a space for your new doggo to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Try these nifty little tricks for making your garden dog-friendly.

Get the water features going

Australia can get hot, really hot, and you don’t want your little fur baby to be out in the garden without a source of freshwater. Of course, you can ensure their bowl is always full, but if you want to provide a continuous supply, try installing a water feature like a fountain or small pond to ensure they have something to lap up after an hour spent enjoying the sunshine.

Fence up the garden

New dogs typically lack discipline, and before they know that they can’t go running around wherever they want, it is important to ensure they aren’t going to go running out on you. If your fencing has grown old and tired your dog might pick the weakest point to make their great escape. It’s nothing personal, they are just new to the family and don’t yet understand that they’re part of a loving situation. So, you might want to install a new fence that will keep them from digging their way out before they realise just how awesome you guys are! There are plenty of styles you can choose from that will match your garden’s aesthetic, but just make sure it is designed so that your pesky little pal can’t get caught if they decide to go for a dig or scratch around it. 

Dogs running on green grass

The shelter should always be ready to go

Dogs are susceptible to heat just like we humans are. You don’t want your dog to get sunburn or heat stroke – it’s just not fair on them and something that is especially unavoidable. This goes without saying, but ensure they have a kennel or a shaded area they can retire to so that they aren’t at risk of too much exposure from the sun. 

Protect them from anything nasty

Some plants, including lilies, azaleas and mums can be toxic for little doggies. Furthermore, certain chemical controls and mulches can cause your dog serious drama if they get at them. Avoid cocoa mulch, as this can have the same adverse effect as eating chocolate, and keep them away from any bug or rodent traps that could prove dangerous for your pooch.

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