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How to attract more customers to your business

You’ve opened a new business in the perfect location. Right in the centre of a busy shopping strip, your business is ready to reap the benefits of being located in a prime location.

But, for some strange reason, this hasn’t eventuated yet. 

Location is pivotal to business success, but what’s the point of having an amazing location if customers have no idea you exist? 

The best way to bring those customers in off the street is by creating a clean, inviting entranceway.

Check out these tips for doing just that.

Keep your entrance clean and welcoming

Shoppers are easily deterred by a messy, unkept entranceway. It makes the business look sloppy, and can even make it appear as if not much business is taking place to begin with. 

Ensure your entrance is clean and clutter free by sweeping the footpath and cleaning the windows so that your customers know that a business exists inside. 

Offices and medical practices will install a highly visible, welcoming reception area in the front window, whereas a restaurant might place its finest dining table on full view to entice potential diners.

If you run a hospitality business, consider installing stylish shades or blinds to block out the sun’s harsh rays throughout the warmer months. 

Install an entrance awning

Customers prefer businesses with a protective, vibrant shopfront. They enjoy the knowledge that the business owners took the time and investment to keep them protected from the elements. This is also the perfect way to advertise any new products or promotions.

By installing an appealing shopfront awning, complete with the business’s colour scheme, you will be creating a space that your customers will be happy to come in time and time again. You can even add a printed logo and business name to further enhance the personal feel of the space. 

Add charming personal touches to the entrance with lush plants and greenery, selecting colours that tie in with your business and its personal style. 

Contact the shopfront awning professionals

Slidetrack creates shopfront awnings that add an unrivalled touch of appeal to businesses throughout Australia. Our highly personalised designs can be produced to match your business styling and colour scheme, guaranteeing customers know you are there and want to engage with your brand.

Call us on 1800 697 655 or fill out an enquiry form via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require. 

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