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How outdoor blinds save (and make) you money

Outdoor blinds create a stunning entertainment zone that can be enjoyed year-round. But did you know they can also save you plenty of money? Through installing outdoor blinds, you will almost immediately start to see a decrease in your energy bill. 

This is how.

Outdoor blinds save money on power bills

The cost of living is continuing to rise in Australia. Therefore, it is only natural that you would want to save money on your energy bill. Slidetrack Blinds design and produce outdoor blinds that can greatly decrease your energy bill. 

How does it do this? It’s simple, really: Slidetrack outdoor blinds keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They provide your home with a protective layer that facilitates the temperature generated in the home whilst blocking out the extremities that come with Australia’s changing seasons.

Given that 68% of a home’s heat and 49% of air conditioning leaves the home through the doors and windows, it makes sense that with comprehensive blind installation your home will trap that good energy, thus saving money on your power bill. 

You don’t want your heater and air conditioning to have to work overtime: this greatly exacerbates the cost of your regular energy bill. Ensure that your home optimises its energy usage whilst blocking out unwanted weather systems through Slidetrack outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds also enhance your home’s resale value

You won’t only be saving money on energy bills. If you ever decide to upsize or downsize and move to a new home, having outdoor blinds installed at the home will greatly increase its resale value for potential buyers. 

Through the creation of a stunning outdoor entertainment area (and one that saves the occupant money), your home will become far more appealing to buyers, with the result being a much larger asking price when you’re ready to move on to a new home. 

Find out more from our team

If you would like to find out more from the Slidetrack team or are interested in receiving a quote on our money-saving, cutting-edge outdoor blinds, please feel free to contact our friendly experts.

Send us an enquiry form via our contact page or call us on 1800 697 655 and we will assist you with all your outdoor blind enquiries as well as provide you with a free quote on our service.

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