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Choosing the right outdoor blinds for your open space

The home entertainment area is the perfect place to hang out with friends and family. However, the hot Aussie sun can turn an otherwise relaxing space into an open-air sauna. Not only this, people can’t necessarily relax in a space where prying eyes can watch their get together like it was some kind of theatre show.

The resolution? High-quality outdoor blinds that not only block out the sun’s harsh rays, but also that of the annoying neighbour with nothing better to do than snoop on your good time. 

The best outdoor blinds for outdoor areas

Slidetrack often has people ask what the best blinds are for their home entertainment zone. Slidetrack’s outdoor blind solution is perfect for garden/pergola installation – they provide a high level of sun, are easily retractable and obscure outside vision. 

Our outdoor blind solution

Slidetrack’s unique blind solution comes with an easily-operational mechanism to open and close the blinds, making for the perfect outdoor solution. They are easy to open and close when required, so you can enjoy the nicer parts of the day and close them when the sun becomes a bit too hot to handle.  

They are incredibly sleek and stylish, that transform an outdoor living space from bare and drab to new heights of elegance. They feature a range of premium UV stabilised premium coloured fabrics and come in 94% or 99% blockout varieites. 

What’s more, they are incredibly strong and reliable. The fabric is rolled around an anodised aluminium tube and is fitted with heavy duty commercial grade powder coated aluminium bottom rail. All these elements make them perfect for installation in a space that would otherwise be exposed to summer harshness and nosy neighbours. 

Contact our team to get started

The Slidetrack team will be more than happy to discuss your outdoor blind solution and how it can invigorate your home. Our blinds come in a range of styles, colours and varieties, so it is perfectly understandable that you might have some questions before deciding on a style. 

We are committed to providing our valued customers with an exceptional standard of service, and will chat with you about our solutions and how they can make your home the perfect summer hangout.

Please feel free to call us on 1800 697 655 and we can have a chat about your awesome new outdoor blind solution.

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