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Everybody wants to own a home where they can sit back and relax in a vibrant garden. One of the best ways to enjoy your own backyard is to build a brand new decking, complete with stylish outdoor blinds to complete the comfort factor.

There are so many options for backyard renovations, but a decking is one of the most luxurious ways to invigorate the space and make it truly hospitable. Timber decks create a sense of style wherever they are installed: they invigorate the space and make one want to start entertaining as soon as they can get their mates around.

What’s more, a deck that is constructed from quality materials is sure to last the test of time, allowing you to enjoy many summers on its awesome design. 

Your home will have an improved look & vibe

All home improvements enhance the look and feel of the space, right? The same goes for a high quality, well-constructed timber deck. A timber deck has a certain appeal to it that other home renovations don’t provide. It doesn’t only look natural and rustic, but it invites a sense of homeliness and enjoyment that you would be hard pressed to find with another renovation. 

Why surround your deck with outdoor blinds?

An outdoor decking is complete with high quality outdoor blinds. They not only make the aesthetic completely stylish and elegant, but they also provide a level of comfort that is unattainable without proper coverage.

Why? Because the PVC, 85%, 94% and 99% block out materials that Slidetrack’s outdoor blinds are made from trap the warmth in winter and keep out the ghastly heat in summer – perfect for year-round entertaining. What’s more, our blinds are easily retractable, ensuring that you can open them and close them whenever you want to allow in/keep out a cool breeze – this is what makes our outdoor blinds the perfect addition to your new deck. 

Contact us to get set

If you want to build the perfect deck complete with outdoor blinds – Slidetrack has you covered with the blinds part. Our state of the art range is perfect for adding to your brand new timber deck. To find out more or get started on choosing a selection for your new build, simply call us on 1800 697 655 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require. 

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