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Why artificial grass is great for your entertainment space

Slidetrack may be in the outdoor blinds business, but we are here to help you build the ultimate outdoor entertainment zone. One of the ways in which you can truly invigorate your entertainer’s space whilst making it easier to maintain is through the installation of artificial grass. 

Drought resistant and easy to keep throughout the year, artificial grass is a cost-efficient way of invigorating.

This is why it’s a great idea to install artificial turf at your home.

It’s easy to maintain

Once your artificial grass has been successfully laid, all you have to do to maintain it is use a rake or leaf blower to rid it of any unwanted debris such as branches or leaves.

It is drought resistant

Artificial grass does need any watering. This means you will save hundreds of litres of water each year on watering the lawn. Not only does this save your home plenty on water bills, but your artificial grass will remain fresh and vibrant even in the hotter months of the year. 

Artificial grass is weather resistant

Artificial grass will maintain its fresh, evergreen look no matter where you locate it, unlike the real alternative which struggles to grow in particular areas of the garden like under large shaded areas. Artificial grass is an amazing way to cover up these unwanted dirt patches left by large shaded or heat affected areas. 

It is cost-efficient 

Artificial grass essentially pays for itself, as you don’t have to pay for fertiliser, irrigation or ongoing grass maintenance. In fact, it is highly possible your artificial grass will have paid for itself after about three years of installation. Of course, you will continue to save on maintenance bills, so this is another reason why artificial grass is a cost efficient option.

Are you building your dream entertainment zone?

Slidetrack can help you build your dream entertainer’s space. Granted, we don’t install artificial grass, but we can add to the stylish, comfortable zone you are building by installing stunning outdoor blinds. We are experts in the field and install our very own patented design.

To find out more about having us install a stunning outdoor blind solution at your home, feel free to get in contact with us and we will chat you through our solutions and how they can facilitate the perfect entertainer’s space. 

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