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Top tips for moving house

If you are thinking of selling your current home or renting somewhere different, it’s important to ensure you make the move as easy as possible. The best way to do this is by ensuring you are prepared and ready to go on the day of the move itself. There are a few things worth ticking off a list to make your move as easy as possible.

Add these moving tips to your list.

Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late

You should begin prepping for your move as soon as you decide to move. There is nothing worse than realising there were so many things you could have done to make the easier when it’s already too late. 

Start by booking your removalist as soon as you’ve found your new home. Arrange for early box and package delivery, filling them with things you don’t use too often when you have some spare time. You may even want to rent a skip or donate items you don’t use much so that your home is decluttered before moving. And speaking of decluttering…

Consider a proper clear-out

You might want to consider whether certain items are worth keeping at your home. You have to ask yourself whether they will be of value in your new home or have they simply had their day. The same thing goes with the first job: if there are a wealth of items you don’t use but could be valuable for someone else, consider selling them or donating them to an op-shop of your choice. 

Pack by weight

Lighter items including clothing, bedding, toy and other small household items can be packed into larger containers, whilst heavier items and more fragile items should go into smaller boxes to ensure they won’t be damaged by other items. When it comes to choosing boxes, make sure you are not picking up old, flimsy packages as these can potentially split. What’s more, cardboard boxes are typically a better option than plastic tubs as they don’t break as easily.

Group of friends moving house

Each family member needs an essentials box

Because you don’t want to move into your new home and have your gadgets separated from their chargers or your toothbrush separated from toothpaste etc. etc. Ensure all your and your family’s essentials are kept in specially marked boxes so that everything is ready to go as soon as you move into the new house. 

Unpack as soon as possible

You shouldn’t wait to unpack: it just drags on and becomes a real nuisance. Unpack as soon as you move, ensuring your bedding and linen is good to go as soon as your worn out after a long, exhausting day’s moving.

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