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How to zen out in your entertainment space

The best part about owning your own covered entertainment space is the way in which you can enjoy it year-round. Retractable outdoor blinds, when produced with high-quality block out materials, allow you to relax in your outdoor space regardless of the heat’s intensity or the chill’s frightfulness. 

And whilst an outdoor zone is typically built for entertaining: birthdays, barbecues, a few quiet beers with mates, it also carries fantastic potential for being your zen space. When all the beers have been consumed and we’re wondering if we caused any trouble the night before the best place to be is one where you can relax and zone out from the world – here are a few ways you can do this in your outdoor space in the rain, hail or burning shine.


Outdoor yoga is far better than indoor yoga: you can enjoy a fresh breeze and some sunlight without feeling confined to your indoor space. Your outdoor entertainment zone can easily be the perfect place to do some much needed stretching – all you have to do is rearrange some of that furniture, clean up the mess from the night before, lay down your mat and get going – it’s simple and really relaxing after a big weekend.


Reading is one of the best things we can do for our brain function and cognitive ability. Apart from those two essentials, we all know reading is incredibly relaxing. However, reading can be incredibly unpleasant outside if it is too hot or too cold. When it is too hot you get easily distracted by how hot and sweaty you are. When it is too cold, well, you just can’t be comfortable. A covered outdoor area: one that keeps out the unbearable summer heat, and one that can be warmed in winter, is perfect for reading in the comfort of your own backyard. 


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Monet? That being someone who loves to get out amongst their own garden and create stunning masterpieces? Painting in the outdoor area is one of the most peaceful ways you can enjoy your outdoor space. Just ensure you lay enough protective floor cover so that you don’t get any random shades of blue, red and green over your stylish decking or floor – it can be incredibly hard to clean off. 

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