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How to prepare your home for winter

Summer is officially over, and whilst we may just be considering packing away the barbecue and folding away the umbrella, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare your home in the winter months. 

Here are seven tips for making your home cosy, safe and warm this winter. 

Save money with solar panels

Households use exponential amounts of energy during the colder months, with heating systems sending bills skyrocketing. Instead, why not harness the sun’s energy to reduce bills and do the environment a solid? Not only can solar panels provide energy for your home, but they can also be used to heat your water. Finally, solar panels are a worthy investment as they not only reduce bills but allow you to sell your excess energy after a few years of use.

Don’t forget about your swimming pool

Although you probably won’t be using it for some time, it’s important to ensure your pool is protected for the cold months ahead. Winter can be particularly hard on outdoor pools, with algae and debris causing all kinds of hassles. Thankfully there are a few jobs you can do to prepare your pool for the winter months, including:

– Testing the water’s pH level is between 7.4 and 7.6.

– Scrubbing the floor and walls.

– Vacuuming the pool.

– Clearing the pump’s line basket of any debris.

Prepare your deck

Homeowners often think of winter as a time for hiding away inside. But it doesn’t have to be this way! By installing outdoor blinds and completing the space with an outdoor heater, you will be creating a stylish, comfortable space to enjoy year-round entertainment. Slidetrack’s high quality block out blinds ensure those ghastly winds are kept out whilst your outdoor heater will keep the space warm and cosy. 

Maintain your lawn

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to fertilise the lawn. Why? Because ensuring it has quality nutrients as we head into the cooler months will keep the lawn fresh and healthy. Make sure you use a quality winter fertiliser, as they contain higher iron levels for optimal protection. Rake up any debris and leaves that can damage your lawn over time and leave bad patches.

The car needs protection, too

We’ve all the horror stories about people’s cars copping nasty hailstones and winter debris. Your car doesn’t have to fall victim to this problem. If you can make room for it in a garage or covered area – do it. All you have to do is clear and unwanted items you don’t need and donate them to charity. We often allow things to stack up in our garages, especially the stuff we think we might need but never really end up using. Forget that problem, clear the garage and make space for your vehicle so that it’s safe in the winter months. 

Fireplaces are a stylish, comfy statement

The classic fireplace is still one of the most elegant ways to add comfort to the home. Most homes can be fitted with fireplaces and there are so many awesome options available. You can choose from masonry, prefabricated, gas, freestanding or pellet-burning fireplaces. You just have to regularly clean the fireplace and have a professional chimney sweep take a look every year. There are so many lovely options and certainly one that will suit your home’s style. 

Autumn or winter burning fireplace cozy evening concept close up

Or, you can insulate the home

Home insulation is another great way to warm the home (especially if you don’t want the trouble of a fireplace). One of the best things about insulation is that it can reduce home heating costs by up to 30 per cent. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to warm the home – insulation is a great option. There is a range of insulation options that provide less or more warmth depending on their rating. Regardless, ceiling insulation traps heat into the home and reduces your energy bill – it’s a win-win for homeowners looking to warm up without the ongoing bills. 

Contact Slidetrack for high-quality outdoor blinds

Slidetrack produces cutting-edge outdoor blinds that warm the outdoor area and create a cosy place to enjoy even the cooler months. If you have been thinking up a way to enjoy your garden in the cooler months, we’ve got you covered with state of the art PVC, 85%, 94% and 99% blinds that will keep out nasty winds and insulate the space.

To discuss our options with one of our expert team, please call Slidetrack on 1800 OZROLL (697 655) or by submitting an enquiry form via our contact page. We will reply as soon as possible and with all the information you require for producing a stylish outdoor area that won’t be affected by winter’s chill.

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