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Any pool owner will tell you that as good as they are to enjoy on a hot summer’s day – they can be very expensive to maintain. Cleaning costs can almost make a homeowner wonder if it was worth the cost of building a pool in the first place – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are certain ways to lower your maintenance costs so that you can enjoy a swim without worrying how much it’s costing.

Follow these four tips for reducing pool maintenance costs.

Reduce water usage

Reducing the amount of water you use in your pool is easy if you simply reduce the amount of water you use. People think they have to constantly refill their pool with fresh water but this simply isn’t the case. 

Pool water is typically lost in a number of ways: backwashing, evaporation, leaks, poor filter quality and splash out. Luckily, all these problems have easy solutions. Don’t overfill the pool to stop splashing out, invest in a cover to control evaporation, ensure your filters are serviced to stop leaks and keep on top of the amount of backwashing that’s occurring in the pool.

Regular maintenance reduces costs

You don’t want to neglect your swimming pool for too long – it can have negative repercussions. You might end up having to spend a lot more on maintenance than you didn’t want to and this is something that is entirely unavoidable. 

Provide regular maintenance for your filters and pumps: this way your pool will be less at risk of incurring damage later on down the track. What’s more, you should brush, shock and clean your pool at least once a week, as well as consistently test its water chemical levels. Following these maintenance steps will ensure that problems don’t develop further over time and, therefore, won’t cost as much. 

Turn water features off occasionally

Water features are a fun way to enjoy some fun in the sun. However, they can go off when you’re not using them, unless you are happy to pay a big bill for something you only occasionally enjoy. Simply turn off your water features from time to time – your bank account will thank you for it. 

These are three simple ways to ensure you won’t be spending far too much money on your pool maintenance bill – keep on top of these and you can enjoy a more guilt-free swimming situation.

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