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How to grow a thriving veggie garden

Slidetrack is about so much more than outdoor blinds alone. We love home improvement as a whole, and love nothing more than sharing tips and tricks on how to invigorate one’s garden. Now that the warmer months are just about upon us, why not consider turning unused outdoor space into the perfect veggie garden, complete with all your favourites for making wholesome meals and summer salads?

Here is a guide to growing the perfect veggie garden in your very own backyard.

Location is vital

You simply cannot grow a veggie garden away from the sun. In fact, most veggie gardens thrive in full sunlight, as it is here that the garden can take on the most amount of nutrients. A location that gets at least six hours of sun each day is perfect for starting your veggie garden, trying to plant the taller variations in the north or west side of the garden so that they do not shade the shorter veggie plants.

The perfect soil

Veggie gardens that thrive the most are those that contain plenty of compost and organic material, ground bark and composted leaves. Ensure that when planting the original garden that the soil is full of this organic material to ensure the soil is not too compact or too thin. The perfect soil mix binds together easily when picked up but will also crumble when distrurbed. This way you know that the soil will retain moisture without saturating it. 

Water it properly

Most veggie gardens only need around an inch of water each week to remain healthy (this includes rainfall). One of the most popular ways to irrigate your veggie garden’s soil is through drip lines and soaker hoses. These slowly provide water to the soil whilst allowing it time to soak up the moisture. Automatic timers are perfect for taking away the hassle of having to water at specific times. 

Mulch it

Mulch insulates soil, allowing it to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The elements can prove brutal for veggie gardens, so insulation is an important step in maintaining your veggie garden’s health and prosperity. What’s more, mulch helps retain soil moisture, suppresses weeds and provides a protective barrier between potentially diseased soil and the thriving plants. 

Add a three inch layer on top of your veggie garden as well as your irrigation lines. Try and purchase mulch that doesn’t contain too many harsh chemicals as these are actually more of a hindrance than a help.

Take it easy with pest control

First-time veggie gardeners often think they have to do everything possible to control pests. However, their efforts often end up damaging the garden when there may not have been a problem in the first place. Instead, allow nature to take its course, as most insects that enter your garden are completely harmless anyway.

If you have followed the above steps you have already taken great strides into growing a healthy, sturdy veggie garden and one that can stand up to unwanted critters. If you do decide to apply pesticides to your garden – be smart about it! Only apply them at night, as it is in the morning when beneficial insects and pollinators are working their magic. You really want to avoid using pesticides as much as possible – we all know they aren’t good for us, and should only be applied if it’s absolutely necessary. 

Don’t overdo it with the fertiliser

It’s unnecessary to fertilise too often, as fertilisers can often lead to a greenery overgrowth, and not the delicious veggies we want on our plate. What’s more, excessive fertiliser can damage your soil, especially those like nitrogen. It is wiser to add as much organic material as possible, around 20% of your total soil composite. Mix it through the soil to allow the spread of all that organic goodness – something your veggie will love and will help it realise an awesome growth.

Create the ultimate backyard

Your veggie garden can be the agricultural addition to your amazing outdoor area. One way to make it even better? By creating the perfect entertainer’s space. Slidetrack outdoor blinds are designed to provide homes with a stylish patio, one that is protected from the elements and allows for year-round seasonal enjoyment.

We are committed to providing homeowners with an exceptional service standard, and will be happy to discuss how our blinds create an entertainment zone that is perfect for both cosy winter nights by the fire and balmy summer days enjoying a barbeque (complete with your very own produce, of course!).

To discuss our outdoor blinds solutions, please feel free to call the Slidetrack specialists on 1800 697 655 and we will be happy to talk to you about our blinds systems and how they can help make your home the quintessential space to hang out. 

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