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It is important for homeowners to have control over the amount of light they let enter the home or outdoor area. Through being able to control the amount of sunlight entering a certain area, you can have a great impact over how comfortable that space is. 

Furthermore, through controlling the amount of warmth that enters the home, you can significantly lower your energy bills. 

Let’s find out why outdoor blinds are a great option for home comfort as opposed to their roller shutter counterparts.

What are patio blinds?

One of the awesome benefits of having outdoor blinds is that they are slicker and less bulky than shutters. Slidetrack designs its outdoor blinds so that they will not be too bulky in their space and are therefore more home appropriate than large, incongruous roller shutters. 

They add great value to a home and not just for their smooth appearance: they allow you to control how much light enters a space, thus increasing comfort levels where necessary. Furthemore, they allow you to block out potentially prying eyes, adding a great level of privacy to your home or outdoor entertainment space. 

Our blinds are purpose-designed to keep your home cool in the warmer months. Their high quality fabrics and intelligent design ensures you can block out the nastiest summer heat as well as ghastly winter chill.

Heat your home when you want to

Despite temperatures being quite low Australia-wide in the winter months, homes still benefit from the large amounts of winter sunshine most of the country experiences. By keeping your outdoor blinds rolled up during the day you can provide the home with great amounts of winter warmth whilst reducing your home’s energy bill. 

At night, you can keep your blinds down, thus blocking out any harsh nighttime chill. Slidetrack’s blinds are easily-operated, ensuring you have no trouble changing the flow of sunlight/warmth when you please.  

Call Slidetrack to find out more

If you would like to find out more about our first class outdoor blinds, or would like to order a new Slidetrack design, please feel free to contact our friendly experts. We are committed to providing an excellent customer service standard, and will be happy to discuss your home and it blinds needs.

Call 1800 OZROLL (697 655) and one of our team will be happy to assist you with your blind buying enquiries. 

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