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Slidetrack Blinds is one of Australia’s most sought-after outdoor blinds manufacturers. With a team of highly skilled and experienced designers and installers working around the clock, it is obvious why home and business owners from Brisbane to Perth seek out our service. 

Slidetrack’s blinds are designed and manufactured in Australia. We incorporate the highest design and manufacture principles to ensure our product is the best available on the market. We believe in our solutions adding to your home’s aesthetic and value, and so it is vital to us that we utilise the finest processes available to ensure they do just that for your home or business. 

Find out why Slidetrack Blinds are the gold standard below. 

We set out for engineering excellence 

Slidetrack Blinds was created in order to counter the frustrations of modern blind manufacturers. Founder Brian Zwar set out to create a product that truly encaptured advanced design principles, and did so after recognising a gap in the industry for quality products. 

In a short period of time we have become one of Australia’s most recognised outdoor blinds producers, as well as providing distribution to Asia and parts of Europe. Our customers, both locally and internationally, continue to be thrilled with the excellence of not only our product but our commitment to providing an end-to-end service, one that ensures the customer is thrilled with all aspects of their service. 

We take our product seriously 

The Slidetrack team has years of experience in the outdoor blinds industry. Therefore, we understand what constitutes a quality product and strive to create this with every new design. Our experienced designers adhere to the most advanced systems when creating a new product, with intricate processes allowing for seamless operation. 

We never settle for second best: anything less than the finest product, whether it be for our outdoor, cafe or straight drop solutions, will not be placed on our product list. 

We utilise a patented tracking system 

Slidetrack is a world leader in outdoor blind innovation. We even utilise a patented extrusion tracking system, ensuring the highest restraint for outdoor blinds with welded splines. Not only does this system allow for smoother blind operation, but also hides the tracking system which would otherwise provide the system with a questionable aesthetic. 

Contact us to find out more about our cutting-edge outdoor blind solutions.

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