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Summer is coming, and whilst many Australians have spent much of the year cooped up inside, we are slowly becoming able to once again enjoy our amazing outdoors with friends and family. If you’re anything like the Slidetrack crew you will be getting pumped at the thought of having your loved ones around for a BBQ, beer and sunshine.

But what creates the perfect BBQ? Check out these tips on how to ensure your back yard is the place to be this summer.

Build a charming deck

Most Australian regions enjoy gorgeous, sunlit summer days. However, there often comes a period in the middle of the season when things can get that little bit too toasty, where sitting out in the midday sun seems like a fast track to sunburn and heatstroke than a carefree place to relax.

Therefore, a fully covered, fully decked outdoor area is essential for the great Aussie entertainer. Through building a hardwood decking and surrounding the space with coverage and quality outdoor blinds, you will be creating a space that friends and family can enjoy even on those ghastly, stuffy midsummer days.

Quality food

Nowadays, an amazing barbie is complete with good quality, mouth-watering food.  You can find amazing meats from quality butchers throughout the country, as well as the aforementioned Woolies (who have stepped up their snag game in recent years). 

A BBQ doesn’t have to be completely meat-centric, either: put out a couple of platters, perhaps one with cheeses and one with marinated veg – your guests will be thrilled with the lighter option. 

Great music

Because what kind of BBQ is a quiet affair? There’s nothing better than having a few beers and a boogie in the Aussie sunshine – just make sure you’re eclectic tastes aren’t too jarring for your guests. 

Great company

Because summer in Oz is the best time to spend with loved ones. It’s been a very hard year, and many of us have been kept away from those we cherish, so revel in the opportunity this summer and have yourself a ball. 

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