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Australia is a nation of warm summers and brisk winters. Whilst we revel in the opportunity to get outside and enjoy a meal and a drink with our loved ones, sometimes the weather can hit either extreme, rendering our backyard absolutely useless.

The ultimate resolution for this? Building your very own pergola, of course! A pergola allows you, your friends and family to get together and have a good time even on those frightfully cold/unbearably hot days. 

Pergolas, when combined with cutting-edge outdoor blinds, provide a level of insulation that is unrivalled by any other outdoor space. In the warmer months, outdoor blinds provide a blockout to the glaring sun and scintillating heat, where in the winter months they keep out harsh winds. 

But to build the perfect pergola, you have to consider different additions and materials. Of course, you want your pergola to be a stylish extension of your home, and so the Slidetrack team has produced this guide of the perfect additions/products to utilise when building your very own pergola in time for some well-earned summer fun.

Hardwood timber decking

Nothing says natural style like hardwood timber flooring. Perfect for any deck, hardwood timber is a versatile option that can complement any type of outdoor setting. Hardwood timber flooring and its design module has come a long way and now can be installed without any noticeable bits and bolts. 

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds are the ultimate way to create insulation for your pergola. Given that Australia is a land of climactic extremes, they are really something that shouldn’t be overlooked when building your pergola. Quality outdoor blinds provide an incredible amount of comfort for an outdoor entertainment zone, not to mention blocking out the prying eyes of any nosy neighbours. 

Outdoor kitchen

If you love having your friends and family around for a meal but want to enjoy it in less stuffy, dining room table surrounds, the outdoor kitchen is perfect for you. Through the addition of a few useful appendages like pizza ovens, outdoor cooktops and drinks fridges, you will be creating the ultimate outdoor living space. Just bring out the speaker and you can have yourself a gourmet party whenever the mood calls for it. 

A bar

Carrying on with the backyard party theme, what better to invigorate a space than through installing a charming bar setting in it? Bars are a versatile way to add class and atmosphere to a space. Your friends and family will just love coming around to enjoy a drink served to them from a fully functional bar – it’s a lot cheaper than heading out to one, too.


Any elegant pergola has lush greenery enhancing the vibe. There are so many amazing ways you can play with plant designs to create a beautiful vibrant space that guests just love to be amongst. Through the addition of gorgeous outdoor plants, your guests will feel even more like they are enjoying all that nature has to offer when in the comfort of your outdoor entertainment zone. 

Sports zone

Love your cricket? Love your footy? If your family is passionate about year-round sport action, creating a comfortable sports zone is the ultimate way to watch the game. Simply install a television large enough to accommodate the fans as well as some comfortable furnishings and you have created the ultimate fan zone. 

Light it up

Lighting is one of the ultimate ways to add to a pergola’s atmosphere. Through the addition of elegant LED lights, you will be creating a space that is not only the go-to on those hot summer days, but will be enjoyed even when the temperature drops and guests want to enjoy a cooler evening. 

Outdoor heating

Aussie winters, especially in the southern states, can be rough. With howling winds, biting rain and a constant air freshness that can only be described as “arctic” it can be the ultimate turnoff when it comes to heading outside. The best way to further insulate your stylish outdoor area? Heat it! There are so many amazing options for outdoor heaters available that will keep you and your loved ones cosy on those crisp winter nights.

Want to learn more about our outdoor blind solutions?

The Slidetrack team are the experts in the design and installation of cutting-edge outdoor blind solutions for Aussie pergolas. Our professionals will happily chat with you about your prospective design and how our blinds will provide an unrivalled level of insulation.

If you would like to chat about installing state of the art roller blinds in your brand new pergola, simply give our friendly experts a call on 1800 697 655 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible and with all the information you require. 

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