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Slidetrack blinds are designed for sociability. Whether in summer or winter, our cutting-edge solutions ensure that you have a comfortable space to enjoy regardless of the weather. If you’re considering installing Slidetrack blinds at your home, chances are you’re looking to produce a warm and welcoming space to host friends and family.

But hosting guests doesn’t end at installing a new blind solution. There are certain things you have to take care of before your loved ones pop round for a meal.

Take care of these chores before having any guests around to enjoy your new outdoor space.

Clear the clutter

Random bits and pieces lying around a home can make guests feel edgy. No one wants to come into a home and find loose documents, magazines, keys, whatever, lying around the place. Grab a large bowl or basket and do a tour of the places your guests are likely to hang out. Pick up all the loose stuff and place them in the bowl before putting it out of sight for the event – your guests will be none the wiser!

Sweep & vacuum

You may not realise it, but a dirty floor subconsciously makes a person feel uneasy. Your guests want to feel like they have come to a place where their hosts have put a little effort into fixing up before their arrival, so ensure you go over the main living areas with a broom and vacuum to give the overlook home aesthetic a nice, clean vibe. 

Clean blinds & windows

Because nothing looks more unappealing than filthy blinds, walls and windows. Imagine walking into a friend’s home when they have you over for a special dinner, only to find muck and stains facing them at the table. Go over these surfaces with the right cleaning materials to ensure your space is clean and appealing. 

Clear the kitchen

Because the last thing you want as the host is to cook in a filthy, cluttered kitchen. Anyone who has ever cooked for a group will know the pains of cooking in a kitchen where pots, pans, cups etc. are scattered across what should be nice, clear bench space. Put away any unnecessary cooking and eating products so that when you go to work on creating a culinary masterpiece the space is clear to do so.

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